Mochi Robot

The first educational robot certified by girls



STEAM Development kit

Mochi Robot

Mochi Robot is a special educational robot.

A programmable STEAM robot with thousands of possibilities and content that accompanies you during the learning development of computational thinking.

Intuitive programming

The programming environment is blocky and interactive, which makes learning computational thinking more accessible.

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Mochi Robot manages to create a special bond with the children who learn and program to be able to give the robot its own life..

Certified by girls

Every phase in the design process was verified by girls. Getting a more adorable look and bringing robotics closer to the women’ sector as well.

Characteristics and sensors


4 programmable color buttons
4 programmable RGB LEDs
Programmable accelerometer 
LED grids to display custom text
Pack of special looks
Distance sensor
Following sensors
Sound emission
Magnetic strip detector 
Block programming environment
Ergonomic design optimized for classroom work

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Mochi robot caracteristicas prestaciones

Programming environment

Entorno programacion Mochi Robot STEM

Mochi Robot has a programming environment very similar to the popular Scratch with its own blocks.

Block programming makes it easy to learn computational thinking and saves all the frustration from syntax errors.

You will learn how to create linear programming, loops, conditionals… and many other concepts to give Mochi Robot its own life.

Courses of Mochi Robot

Guided content to learn step by step

Guides for the learning mode

Resources for teachers

Guides for the playing mode

Cursos Mochi Robot

Want to buy a Mochi?

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Where are we?

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C/Roc Boronat 117, Barcelona Spain


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