Hello Mochi Robot!

Mochi is not a classic robot. It is the robot that grows and learns as it completes exercises with the help of its coach.

Program your Mochi to evolve it

STEAM is the acronym for fashion related to subjects such as science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics.

Nowadays many jobs are directly related to the creation of technology and science. To prepare for the future, Mochi will help us learn highly valued skills such as programming or electronics.

As you program your Mochi, it will grow and learn. Each time it will allow us to teach you more complex programs and overcome the funniest challenges you can imagine.

A fun way to learn programming

We are very used to being told that we have to learn to program but the complicated thing is knowing where to start and not getting frustrated in the attempt.

As soon as you start programming the Mochi Robot challenges you can gain agility at the same time that your robot does. You will grow together and be two allies of programming. The robot will bring out the best in you and thank you for training it with new skills.

Ready to get into an exciting educational adventure?

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