Mochi-Robot at the Maker Faire 2019

This has been a special year, not only for all the improvements incorporated into our endearing educational robot but also for the feedback received from the little ones lately.

That is why we explain below how our participation in the Maker Faire fair took place in Barcelona on the weekend of October 5 and 6.

Initially we had the opportunity to present our Mochi Robot prototype to test it in front of the public and we did not miss it.

Mochi selected to present at the Maker Faire

Being one of the initiatives selected for the Maker Faire we prepared with great desire and enthusiasm some exercises. Exercises that attendees could develop their own programs with the Robot. The exercises had a fund based on sustainability and recycling among other things.

Exercises programmed by young attendees

Initially the assistants had to guide the robot towards the appropriate container. According to the type of material of the “random” residue that appeared on the TV screen.

On the other hand, the children were able to program the LED matrix to change the style of eyes as well as to write their names on it.

Mochi Robot certified by girls

Additionally, many boys and girls wanted to program their own color scheme in RGB LEDs, discovering part of how programming works, how some colors are generated by red, green and blue lights. By varying their intensity in the programming blocks, they were able to learn interactively and quickly.

One of the big surprises apart from the great acceptance that Mochi Robot had was that we always had the stand full of people doing activities, praising the little robot and its capabilities.

The unexpected appearance of Mochi Robot on television

An anecdote was that some families arrived who wanted to see the robot after having appeared on television, in the Betevé report.

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