Learning programming through robotics

Learning programming through robots like Mochi

The importance of programming is present throughout the world due to the ever expanding field of technology. Many people say that computer programming is the career of the future, at Scratch School we agree.

In 2015, fifteen european countries, including Spain, had already implemented coding courses into the school curriculum. In the United States, children are participating in camps, afterschool programs and coding websites.

Programming is part of every form of technology, from applications and video games to graphics and animations, and as the demand for those products increases. So does the demand for computer programming professionals.

Careers in software development are expected to grow at a 24% over the next 10 years

For example, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Careers in software development are expected to grow at an astounding rate of 24% over the course of the next 10 years. All other jobs combined are expected to grow at only 7% over the same amount of time.

“Software Developers are responsible for many of the apps you have grown to love. And in the next 10 years there will be thousands of new apps that come to life. So if you’re tech-savvy, a good leader and also creative enough to come up with the next big thing, this might be the job for you.” (HeyTutor). Additionally, computer programming positions usually begin with a high paying salary and along with the exponential growth of the field. Working as a programmer is seen to be a profession that will endure for a long time. 

Learning programming is a difficult task

Learning computer programming is a complex and difficult task that requires problem solving skills with perseverance. It is universally challenging for people in introductory programming courses. We can say this because of the data showing a high number of failures and dropouts from those courses.

At Scratch School, we have observed that children and students need a more complete and enjoyable robotics tool. Currently, we are developing such a tool, Mochi is here to help facilitate the task of computer programming. Computer programming courses have a reputation of being very demanding, so beginners are intimidated.

Our goal is to give children, ages seven and up, early exposure to programming methods and concepts. Early exposure is positive for a few reasons, it reduces the intimidation and it increases the motivation to build their knowledge.

Programming is challenging

Programming and coding builds problem solving skills because when faced with a challenge of a bug. They must solve the issue in order to run the program properly. Children are the future, so it is beneficial to equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge. In order for them to create and innovate to shape their own future. If children receive a strong education in programming and coding, it can be easy for them to find high paying jobs as adults.

What does Mochi teach?

Mochi teaches children logical reasoning and problem solving skills. Teamwork and collaboration are also skills gained while learning, they collaborate with their friends, classmates and teachers to find new solutions.

An educational robot is a perfect tool for children to experiment with and learn from. Because children enjoy interaction with a companion, Mochi is their friend. Children learn by programming Mochi themselves, starting with simple tasks and actions, and as the children’s level of comprehension evolves, so does Mochi. Through their imagination and creativity, children are able to see the evolution of the robot. Giving them a greater experience while learning.

It is quite amazing for us to see how much the children enjoy the robots.  Because not only are they learning basic programming, but they are also having fun while doing so. We believe that if a child is having fun they are more motivated to learn. 

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