Where are women CIOs and CTOS?

Women in technology

Where are the female CTOs and CIOs? Looking down the pipeline for the next generation of women in technology, the picture isn’t pretty. When we examine each of the STEM disciplines, technology is the only field where the participation of women has decreased in the last twenty years.

Tech’s gender diversity and leadership is an important issue to address

Judith Spitz, CIO at Verizon

Why is gender diversity important?

Gender diversity is an ethical argument, and is increasingly becoming an economic one.

Recent studies have shown that companies who increase their gender diversity also receive a greater return on investment and less volatility. If revenue and profitability are important to your company, then you should strive to achieve a more gender diverse team. Professions in the tech industry are some of the highest paying jobs, so it is important for women to have economic fairness and take advantage of the opportunities. More women in technology leadership roles could help level the economic playing field. 

As the tech industry continues to grow, the number of new hires increases as well. Judith Spitz, a Verizon CIO for ten years, explains that, as of 2015 there were 500,000 open tech jobs. And that number is expected to double in the next five years. “It’s pure math. It’s very difficult to see how we can meet the technology workforce needs. If we’re literally leaving more than half of the available talent pool sitting on the bench” – Spitz. Tech’s gender diversity and leadership is an important issue to address. To offer balance to a male dominated industry, and because of the strength of the impact it would have. 

In 2015 there were 500,000 open tech jobs, and that number is expected to double in the next five years.

Judith Spitz, CIO at Verizon

Female tech education:

Currently, technology is an increasingly important role in the everyday life of the average person. Therefore the knowledge and skills learned through science, engineering and technology become vital for each and every citizen. Students will choose technology if they have come into contact with it in a positive way, are confident in their abilities, have technical skills and experience, and feel that a profession in technology matches their self-image.

Girls are more successful at school, receiving better grades

With respect to these factors, girls fall behind. They come into contact with technology less often, thereby receiving less knowledge about technology and fewer skills. Girls tend to be less confident in their capacities and their attitudes toward natural sciences are less positive compared to boys.

However, girls are more successful at school and on average receive better grades than boys, but they less frequently enter the fields of engineering, science or technology. We can assume that in order to achieve a fair gender balance in technology related topics in education. And as a result in the labor market, the attention should be aimed at offering girls more opportunities. Opportunities to become familiar with technology and gain the skills and experience in this area. Although technology is somewhat neglected for early childhood education in European countries. Boys are able to keep an interest in technological topics, while girls tend to turn away from technology at an early age. It is important to expand our knowledge of technology education and give attention to gender differences in primary education.

Let’s change it!

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